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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Performance and Films!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone, 

I've booked Jan 20th at Look Mum No Hands for a night of film and performance. 

This call for entries is open to current and former CCW students and alumni who would like to show video work or perform. The intentions are to create a relaxed and casual environment where current and former students can be introduced to one another and each others' work. 

Call for Submission: Video and Performance

Video (please send a vimeo link with password) by Friday, June 18th
Performance: please, notify me as soon as your able but will also allow people to sign up on the day. 

Where: Look Mum No Hands
When: Monday, June 20th 6-10pm

I've also arranged to have a Salon in Aug at Chisenhale Gallery. more details to be announced. 



Anyone interested, please send me an email at either or

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