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Monday, 22 November 2010

First Salon / Social Mixer

Hello All, 

I hope i am giving everyone enough time and notice. The Salon on Dec 3rd will be structured as followed. 

1.) Parallex: a proposal from Holly Stevenson, MA Fine Art - Chelsea.  

The first part of the show is a group exhibition. The work on show will be curated using a narrative explaining that it would have been shown in the fictionally bankrupt Dirty Square Gallery (DSG1), which had belonged to owner and art aficionado Stella Koons Manet.i An installation of the Galleryʼs actual (virtual) existence and the show will be presented along the walls of the Woodmillʼs Project Space. The floor space will be left clear for the second part of the show, the event of Pass the Parcel. Students on the night of Salon will be invited to take part in the Pass the Parcel,

2.) Show Reel:

I would like to include student video work that can be added to a show reel. Anyone who would like to submit video work, please upload to Vimeo and send me a link. PLease, provide passwords where applicable. If u'd prefer to send a CD / DVD or use other means, i.e. sharing files via Skype or Dropbox, then please contact me and let me know. Anyone who would like to do a performance would be invited to do so. 

3.) A4 - 2-D work: 

For 2-D work, i'd like to try and include A4 color print outs of peoples' work as a way to introduce one another to the practice of others. I do not know how this will translate or if anyone is interested but i'd like A4 print out of peoples' work to be brought on Dec 1st to the Woodmill. This is a last minute addition. Space is a concern so i will see the general reaction to judge whether this is a viable option. 

Deadline: Nov 29th

The event will start at 5pm on Dec 3rd, followed by 2 Private Views at the Woodmill featuring Mark Fell (Solo Show) + Pale Blue Dot. 

For inquires or submissions, please e-mail me at or check the Salon blog at

all the best, 


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