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Friday, 12 November 2010


    Following a series of Salon events that took place over the MA Fine Course 2009-10, a series of Salon events open to CCW students will be held over the duration of the current academic year. 
    The Salons both serve the need for frolicsome interaction between artists and utilize the educational aspects of these gatherings. This forum provides the opportunity for feedback on one’s practice as well as experimentation with ideas and concepts that might not have a direct connection to your studio work. The environment is of playful seriousness and allows ideas to be acted out and evaluated. Previous Salons have been  great opportunities to show case works or experiment with concepts and approaches seemingly unrelated to one’s creative practice.
    These events address the area between art education and professional practice. It is an area where students and professionals can meet, critique, share ideas & initiate discussion. These events allow space for the synthesis of one’s own specific research with more general sources of information and ideas. Each Salon event has been attended by academics, students, professional artists, directors and curators who have provided invaluable criticism and feedback.         
    Students from Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon and Central Saint Martin’s Colleges have all participated in previous events, which have been inspiringly hosted outside of the academic settings of the various colleges and in established artist spaces, galleries and studios such as Auto-Italia, Flat-Time House and the Woodmill.

the Woodmill -Project Space,
Neckinger Depot,
Bermondsey, SE16 3Qn

Dec 1-3rd First Salon / CCW social mixer
March 28-31st
June 20-24th
Aug 1-5th (meant to aid in preparation for upcoming Final Shows)

How: e-mail Salon proposals, theme ideas / suggestions, and speculative e-mails with information about spaces and off college site projects.

Please, e-mail Joshua at or

Previous Salons:
Auto-Italia 2009
Auto-Italia 2010
Flat Time House 2010
the Woodmill 2010

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