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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Update: Round Chapel Salon- Participating Artists and Install Details

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry about the late reply but i have an updated list of participants and install team memebers. Please note that *Everyone from Camberwell, Wimbledon and all Alumni are welcome to install their own work due to smaller numbers. If anyone has any questions, please email Kate, Laura or myself at



Chelsea Salon Series at Round Chapel

Installation Details:
Time: Installation will start at 10am on Thurs, April 26th.
The event is from 17:00 – 21:00.
After this, all works need to be collect and removed from the space. Anyone needing to arrange to have their works picked up the following day will need to do so with one of us on the salon team. Pick-up on Friday, April 27th will be between 10am-3:30pm. Anything not removed will be disposed of.

Notes on installation: participants are required to provide their own installation materials. We will not have the items that have been approved to use in the space, which I’ve mentioned below.

1.    We're not able to drill into the walls but blue / white tack or adhesive backed hooks are acceptable.
2.   Hang wire can be used to hang work in the stair wells and off the balcony and in between columns.
3.    There are step ladders and tables available to use for installation and showing work. No plynths are available so bring your own.
4.    Anyone looking to hire a van, should look at Addison Lee. They run very cheap rates but do not allow you to ride with the work so there needs to be people at the site to unload.

I will be at the site from 10am onward and can help organise the unloading of work.

I've asked the participants who visited the site last Friday to help on during the installation as they are familiar with the space. I've listed these participants below.
*Everyone from Camberwell, Wimbledon and all Alumni are welcome to install their own work due to smaller numbers.
Updated Participation list and notes on installation team are listed below.

Participating Artists:

Chelsea College:
Yonghyun Lim
Elena Artigas - Install
You Hyesoo
Charlotte Jonerheim 
Jessica Piddock 
Yak Ka Ashley Yeo
Xiao-yang Li
Joel Yuen
Saba Zavarei - Install
Rebecca Byrne 
Elizabeth Elton
Mercy Yue Xiao Fei
Sanghyun Kim
Sarah Pager
Jihee Hwang - Install
Devika Swarup 
Ayşegül Wilde
Alex Wood - Install
Elcin Tozge Dalgic
Cheryl Papasian
Jamie Barbor  - Install
Kelly Akers
Teona Yamanidze
Sophia Demetriou 
Katie Elliot - Install
Emily Ludolf  - Install
Helen Turner  - Install
Jae Youn Won
Giang Lê
Eleanor Cunningham
Dalia Baassiri
Chen – Shin
Shiew Eng
Hyi Jung Lee
Nicola Louise Harlow
Aram Sim - Install
Vanessa Gemayel  
Donna Barnett - Install
Junghee Shin - Install
sejung lee - Install
Sarah-Jane Hender
Ana Teles
Raquel Garin - Install
Camberwell College: *
Cadi Froehlich
Thomas Apost 
Barbora Brezakova  - Install
Betty Jaresova 
Monika Kita  - Install
Arianna Marinelli 
Sasha Morris 
Russell Morton  
Kirsty Skears 
Steve Trevillion  - Install
Leana Bortolozzo
Ruyi Wong - Install
Wimbledon College: *
Ann-Marie James
Amelia Critchlow 
Gilly Pawson
Victoria Haviland
Sasha Bowles
Karen David
Chris Cawkwell 
Judith Hayes
Karen David
Stefan John Orlowski
Matt Gee  
CCW Alumni: *

Goodman, Jolie
Huicho, Alejandra
Wright, Carla 
Manca Bajec - Chelsea 
Isabel Pina Ferreira - Cheslea
Nicki Rolls - Wimbledon
Abdullah Qureshi - Chelsea
Eun Sook Choi - Chelsea
Ikjung Cho - Chelsea
Joshua Y'Barbo - Chelsea
James Petrucci - Wimbledon
Tracey Payne – Camberwell
*Everyone from Camberwell, Wimbledon and all Alumni are welcome to install their own work due to smaller numbers.

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