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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

UPDATE - Salon at Round Chapel on APRIL 26th

interior of the Round Chapel
Hello Everyone, 

Just a quick update on the salon at Round Chapel. Please, have a look and pay close attention to details regarding the Install Team if you are working in 2-D. This is very important for participants to understand. The shows are not curated. The idea behind a salon is to show case a wide variety of fine art practises and not just a particular theme or topic. This allows for multiple areas of discourse to be reached and to be followed up on through a publication we are planning to release post event. 

1. deadline for payment and submissions are Monday, April 23rd

The online payment system is now live and ready for you to pay your £10 fee for the Round Chapel Salon on 26th April.

Once you have paid the £10 then that will confirm your slot to show your work at the salon. Please pay as soon as possible as this will help us to arrange everything else and organise our funds for more events. One person can pay for other people as well and you will need to write their names in too, so that we can keep a record of everyone who has paid.

I’ll be keeping track of who has paid and chasing up those who haven’t, so that we’ve got a completed list of who is confirmed to show their work.
You will need to set up an account which doesn’t take long, if you don’t already have one.
The link to pay is below so click on it, register and then you can pay

2. A  second site visit to Round Chapel is scheduled for this Friday 20th April at 4pm
location: 1d Glenarm Road Hackney E5 0LY. We've had to reschedule due to scheduling conflicts. Apologies. 

We need the Install Team to be present as well as any participants who would like to have a look at the space and voice their opinions. (*anyone wishing to visit the site over the weekend of April 13-15th, please send an email and we’ll try to arrange). 

3. Install Team:  We need 5 Volunteers to email from each course to be on the install team. These students will be crucial in the way work is installed and displayed. Also the install team will coordinate van and equipment hire with others on their courses. We will be available to help coordinate the install team
  • Van & Equipment Hire: We can not provide any money for van hire or equipment. We can suggest places to contact in the case that the Colleges don't have the equipment needed but can not get involved with either hire due to costs and insurance.
  • Placement of Works: The placement of works will be decided by the install team with as much consideration for participants requests as possible. Certain works will need to be installed by the artist. In these situations, this needs to be approved by Laura or myself. Laura Carew, Kate Ross, Robert Cliff (editing the post salon publication) and myself will work with the install team to make sure everyone's work is given the most consideration in installation and presentation. We do not have a concrete plan and would urge 2-D artists to visit the space Thurs, 19th to voice their opinions and concerns. This is a very specific space with little wall space.  I would like to emphasise the role of the install team and ourselves in placing the works. Some of the ideas discussed are listed below;
  1. using the existing architecture as a positive element and working with the original architecture
  2. using furniture available to us in the space such as round tables and chair
  3. using the round tables to discuss topics / discourse of interest
  4. paintings can be leant against front row benched on the upper gallery level, using the decorative balcony grid as a ‘window’ onto the work  as well as hanging from the arches on the first floor 
  5. use the large floor space as wall space by showing the works on the floor so they'd be viewed from the 2nd floor balcony with partitions to prevent people from walking on the paintings...
  6. aisles between bench seating could be used to show work 
Current Install Team: 
Chelsea: Elena Artigas - MAFA, Saba Zavarei - MAFA, Jamie Barbor - PgDip, Helen Turner-MRes
Camberwell: currently no volunteers
Wimbledon: currently no volunteers

4. notes about the space: for video / installation / etc...
i. there are a number of plug points on both sides of the space
there is a pulpit area that could be used for a bar/ performances
it would be easy to project material onto the walls in several ways around the space and in the corridors. 

5. Publication: The publication is something new. Based on the writings of Charles Baudelaire and the Parisian Salons, it will be a post salon followup with the chance to publish written works, feedback comments and images from the event. Robert Cliff will be editing the publication and working with Kate Ross. We are looking for ways to fill the content of this publication and welcome contributions ideas and feedback. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at the salon series email address. 

6. BAR: The Chelsea MA Catalogue Team has been contacted to organise the bar as a fundrasier. Please, talk to your course representative on this team to offer help and support.

We have a volunteer from Wimbledon who has expressed interested in setting up a bar as well. Please, contact Amelia Critchlow if you are on a course at Wimbledon to volunteer.  

I hope that answers your questions. I wanted to make another point that we are solely volunteering our time for Chelsea Salon Series and by no means receiving financial gain. We are all alumni who are donating our time to help provide opportunities for current students and fellow alumni. We try very hard to ask for little to no financial contribution out of respect for fees already paid for studies. Having said this, financial obligations do occur and we weigh these against the potential gain for everyone involved. 



Participating Artists:

Chelsea College: 

Elena Artigas
You Hyesoo
Charlotte Jonerheim 
Jessica Piddock 
Yak Ka Ashley Yeo
Xiao-yang Li
Joel Yuen
Saba Zavarei
Rebecca Byrne 
Elizabeth Elton
Mercy Yue Xiao Fei
Sanghyun Kim
Sarah Page
Jihee Hwang
Devika Swarup 
Ayşegül Wilde
Alex Wood
Elcin Tozge Dalgic
Cheryl Papasian
Jamie Barbor 
Kelly Akers
Teona Yamanidze
Sophia Demetriou 
Katie Elliot
Emily Ludolf 
Helen Turner 
Camberwell College: 
Thomas Apost 
Barbora Brezakova 
Betty Jaresova 
Monika Kita 
Giang Lee
Arianna Marinelli 
Sasha Morris 
Russell Morton  
Kirsty Skears 
Steve Trevillion 
Leana Bortolozzo
Wimbledon College: 
Ann-Marie James
Amelia Critchlow 
Gilly Pawson
Victoria Haviland
Sasha Bowles
Karen David
Chris Cawkwell 
Judith Hayes
CCW Alumni: 
Manca Bajec - Chelsea 
Abdullah Qureshi - Chelsea
Eun Sook Choi - Chelsea
Ikjung Cho - Chelsea
Joshua Y'Barbo - Chelsea
James Petrucci - Wimbledon
Carla Wright - Chelsea
Tracey Payne - Camberwell

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